Homeopathic Pharmacies …

Many homeopathic pharmacies are run by homeopaths, and form a part of the international homeopathic community.

Helios Homeopathy is the remedy source I use most often, and is located in London, England. The Helios site contains some information on homeopathy, and they sell home kits, botanical products, books, and other items.

Remedia Homeopathy Manufactory, located in Austria, is at the forefront of creating new remedies, thus expanding our choices for individualization. Their site contains some information, including on the process of making homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic masters, international community, publishers …

Jan Scholten is the master homeopath who has influenced me the most. He spreads new knowledge through his highly valued books and seminars.

Louis Klein is another influential master homeopath with a busy practice near Vancouver, British Columbia. He also has some other websites, including Luminos Homeopathic Courses.

Interhomeopathy is an internet journal, with information for “professionals, patients, and the curious.”

Narayana Verlag is a publisher and seller of books on homeopathy and alternative medicine.

Local friends …

Marcia Sikes



– Fellow homeopath and friend, practicing in Hamburg.