It is different from traditional medicine in that it’s really an empowerment, and you’re doing it together with Elaine.     –P.N.

Elaine is very even-tempered. She is not quick to jump to conclusions. She is very open about how the process functions. It is interesting how she was interested in homeopathy, and then found out she had a family history in it, so it was almost like she was meant to do it. She is a very learned person, not easily swayed. So I think the fact that she’s interested in it, and believes in it, helps you to be open to giving it a shot.     –R.P.

My consultations with Elaine Smith have been rewarding. Over several consultations, she selected the exact remedy I required by using a combination of both scientific knowledge and intuitive attunement.  Elaine is a stable, gentle mannered individual with terrific mental clarity. She is a wonderful listener. Elaine receives a multitude of symptoms, emotions and thought as presented by a client and then gracefully distills them down in order to identify a remedy. A new client can expect to have an opportunity to express their concern and receive a solution. I would highly recommend individuals to consult with Elaine.     –K.B.

I had adult onset asthma. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was having shortness of breath. There was a sense of panic. I went to a very good doctor, and got a diagnosis. I started out with the usual inhalers. Then episodes started occurring on a more regular basis. The medication over time became heavier, more invasive. I was looking for alternate ways of dealing with my condition. My experience with Elaine was a good one. I sat down with her and had a session. I did get better quite quickly. Here I am, years later, I can’t remember the last time I used an inhaler. Even my doctor was shocked. I did have some relapses a few years after the first remedy, and Elaine reassessed with a new interview and provided a new remedy, which has since kept me symptom free. Elaine is not into a volume business. She takes her time, assessing each person, and seeing that her result is spot on with that individual.     –M.E.