Homeopathy is cost effective, both financially and in terms of your time. Although it is always important to be living a healthy lifestyle with regard to food, sleep, exercise, etc., homeopathy itself requires very little of your time and involves no regimen. Homeopathy fits perfectly with today’s busy lifestyles.

The Homeopathic Interview

The initial interview is scheduled for two hours. This allows plenty of time for any questions that you may have. Also, it allows us to discuss your health issues without feeling hurried. The pace is relaxed.

There is no pressure to talk about any particular issue. In order to find a remedy for you, I need you to be willing to talk about yourself, and about what problem has caused you to seek out homeopathy. Beyond that, each interview is unique, as it is your interview, in which I listen to you in order to hear the pattern of your remedy.

Homeopathy does not involve any psychological diagnosis. With thousands of remedies to choose from, it is not a matter of fitting you into a set pattern. Instead, I try to gain of sense of you as a unique person, and then find a remedy that is “similar” to that.


My fee is $200. This fee includes the initial interview (a two hour session) and at least two shorter follow ups. It also includes the cost of the first remedy. Payment is due after the initial interview, and before I begin analysis of your case. If after the initial interview you decide homeopathy is not for you, there is no obligation. Also, I will continue to consult with you for up to one year at no additional cost, if at first we do not find a helpful remedy. (Missed appointments with no notice may result in a new fee being required in order to restart consultations.) You are responsible for the cost of any additional remedies, typically $10 to $25 each.

About Elaine

I have spent several years in the formal study of homeopathy with the School of Homeopathy, through the School’s highly-regarded distance-learning program. I was awarded the Practitioner Advanced Diploma 2014. I have also attended many seminars given by leading homeopathic practitioners from the U.S., Canada, England, Europe and India. I will continue these studies, and will never stop studying, as homeopathy is ever-evolving.

I am also an attorney for the State of New York. After a twenty year career as a public servant, I now continue this work in a part-time capacity. In the middle of my legal career, I discovered homeopathy, and there was no turning back from the pursuit of the most fascinating thing I had ever encountered.