Why Homeopathy?

Everyone deserves healing that is attuned to individual needs. Homeopathy is much more personal than diagnosis of disease in the usual sense. Homeopathy promotes healing on a deep level, and in a way that is unique to each individual.

Homeopathy takes us away from judgmental attitudes, and leads us on a fascinating journey to understand the person, and provide the remedy that will help the person heal from the inside out. Each time I seek to understand a person through the prism of homeopathy, I am filled with a feeling purpose, and a feeling of the importance of the personal approach to healing.

Alternative healing in many forms works with the energy of the body, called various names, including chi, life force, or vital force. Homeopathy is unique in how it works with the vital force. The little pills of homeopathy, seeming so inert, can exert an incredible influence directly on the vital force. The remedy can provide a trigger to assist the person to find a new and better energetic balance within.

Western medicine does not acknowledge the existence of this vital force, let alone its uniqueness in each individual. The person is treated as a mechanism that is broken and needs repair, in order to try to force it to function to a certain standard. Only physical or chemical means are used. While such treatment can be beneficial in certain situations, the source of chronic disease is not found on this physical level, and therefore it cannot be cured in the long run with these means.

So, why not homeopathy? Embrace your uniqueness, and try some gentle, healing alternatives. Include homeopathy in your life.